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Fairlawn’s newly remodeled Tito’s Mexican Grill specializes in authentic Jalisco-style cuisine

There is a popular meme going around right now that reads: “I don’t know the secret to happiness, but I tell you, I’ve never been unhappy in a Mexican restaurant.” Nowhere is this notion more apt than at Fairlawn’s Tito’s Mexican Grill. Yes, it may be the tequila that engenders such joy, but it’s also the festive nature of...

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The Village of St. Edward provides a haven for joyful aging

Choosing the right-fit memory care community for a loved one can be an unsettling undertaking. Alzheimer’s and dementia can progress rapidly—it’s important to be proactive and find a safe place where your loved one will feel at home. At The Village of St. Edward, with locations in Fairlawn, Wadsworth and Green, the focus in memory...

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No, you’re not doomed

A patient who recently came to my office after suffering with hemorrhoids for years told me she thought she was doomed. Intrigued by the strength of that word, I asked her to elaborate. She explained that she was terrified by the idea of having hemorrhoid surgery and had no idea there were other options until she saw my story in Mimi. She...

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The brain-muscle connection

We often hear about the mind-body connection, but did you know there’s also a brain-muscle connection? It’s based on neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to reorganize and form new neural connections and pathways throughout your life. The good news—in less technical terms—is your brain is flexible and adaptable. You have...

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Is this the last floor you’ll ever install?

Returning from a month making the national flooring show rounds, we’re back and stocked with the latest and greatest. One we’re particularly excited about is RevWood by Mohawk. This American-made, laminated wood offers both beauty and durability. Those are my words, not a company slogan. In fact, with the right care, it could be the last...

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