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Here’s how the team at Pristine Clean can bump your home’s curb appeal up a few notches

At some point this month, as you fire up the ‘cue, break out the Preen and tack up your favorite old hammock, take a moment, close your eyes and breathe in that sweet, almost-summer air. When you open them, you might catch a glimpse of your home’s exterior, which may have seen better days. But under that dingy veneer of winter grime...

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Get your body bikini-ready, just in time for summer

Is anyone past the age of 30 really happy with the way they look in a bathing suit? Before you know it, bikini season will be upon us and there’ll be nowhere to hide for cover. But thanks to one of the newest advances in fat reduction—CoolSculpting—getting rid of stubborn fat from localized areas of the inner and outer thighs,...

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Sporty shoes from New Balance do double duty as flirty, fun and fashionable footwear options

Q: What are some great athletic styles to wear not just for running or working out, but also for fashion purposes? A: New Balance is my go-to choice. This brand is not just about running shoes. In fact, many of their styles are very fashion forward and can be worn casually. Whether you are running, walking, or just wanting to look...

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Meet the Artist: Michele Young, Emergence

Emergence by Michele Young promotes authentic power through creation. Working in oil and acrylics on canvas, Michele brings to life her own version of emergence. “I gather my inspiration from speaking prophetically into my own life, and from the cycles and transitions we as a people transform from,” Michele explains. Most of Michele’s...

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With the help of health and life coach Heather Shankel, of Healthy Attractions, you can change every aspect of your life—and become your best self

Imagine yourself on a riverbank. Across the river lies the very best version of yourself, but the river between you is flowing fierce and is near-impossible to cross. Health and life coach Heather Shankel, founder of Healthy Attractions, can give you the tools to cross over and transform into your best self. Her coaching empowers people...

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