Understand your Medicare plan

Many people who choose a plan during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period are focused on three main things: co-pays, premiums, deductibles, and dental coverage and vision coverage. The hurried feeling often prevalent during the enrollment period may have had you focused on certain benefits and not allowed you the freedom to really dig deep...

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With an integrative approach involving mind, body and spirit, the team at Advanced MMC first seeks to understand your individual story of pain, then develops a multi-pronged treatment plan customized to your unique journey

Everyone has a story, especially those who have suffered long with chronic pain. Chapters in this story might include trauma, injury, years of overuse, a parade of doctors, steroid injections, surgeries, narcotics, anti-inflammatories, a sedentary lifestyle, depression, anxiety, and the longstanding effects of pain on life, career and...

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Here’s how Acclaim Renovations & Design totally transformed this dated Mentor kitchen

Homeowners can feather their nest with excellent taste, beautiful furnishings, and all the right paint choices and finishes. But at some point they realize those things can only take it so far. A tiny kitchen is a tiny kitchen no matter how you dress it up. This is the point the Holmeckis had reached in their 1986 split-level home in Mentor...

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The natural-looking beauty of youth can be yours once again at Blanchard Plastic Surgery

For the past 30 years, Dr. Janet Blanchard has helped people look and feel their best by specializing in an arsenal of minimally invasive techniques to refresh, revive and rejuvenate. Within her plastic surgery center in Willoughby Hills, she looks at each patient as a whole, addressing well-being and esthetic goals. “People aren’t...

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A stately Victorian landmark that houses restored and refurbished cowork spaces, private offices and more at the Charlton Abbott

The concept of coworking spaces was already spreading like wildfire when the pandemic came along and lit a match under it, forcing people from most professions to work remotely. Now that they are looking to reconnect and leave the monotony of working from home behind them, there’s a new cowork space in town that offers an amazing environment to...

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