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Fitness for graceful aging

The inevitable loss of muscle mass as we age, also known as sarcopenia, means you will lose muscle at the rate of three to five percent per decade starting as early as your 30s. Muscle loss is linked to many undesirable outcomes, such as osteoporosis, bone loss, fall risk and energy loss. But there’s good news for those who plan to age...

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Stop experiencing market loss

Because of market volatility and confusing media stories, many people are unsure of what to do with their retirement money, laments Brody Fiesler, who, with his dad, Bill, owns Annuity & Estate Planning Concepts LLC. “All too often, people are inactive or reactive instead of being proactive when it comes to their money,” Brody says...

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New, more effective injectables

We have a saying in our office, “We don’t care how old you are, we care how young you look.” To that end, as soon as new, more effective injectables are introduced, we research them thoroughly and evaluate their value to our patients. Two of the newest we are offering—Daxxify and RHA dermal filler—are producing beautiful...

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Focus on your health this fall

Right now is the time of year when Northeast Ohio experiences ideal weather. There is a touch of fall in the cool morning air, then the day unfolds into a perfect summer afternoon. The approaching autumn is just one part of the four seasons, and the beauty of seasonal diversity is one reason why we live here. But the idea of...

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Lake Erie Distillery’s wildly popular Ghost Whisky is a limited, special release that sells out fast

We have been very busy the last few months. Our new equipment arrived a couple weeks ago, and with it we expect a 500 percent increase in production capacity. The demand for our signature spirits continues to grow locally and statewide, and we aim to keep up with it. Fall is a favorite time for us at Lake Erie Distillery. Turning leaves and...

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