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S&S Heating & Cooling wants to make sure that when the temps start to dip, you’re in the warm-up

While most of the country saw record-high temperatures and stormy weather these past few months, it was a pleasant summer in Northeast Ohio. Heading into winter, our luck may run out. According to the Farmers’ Almanac, we can expect a cold and snowy winter, with plenty of snow, sleet and ice. “We can’t control the weather outside, but we...

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With the popularity of live-edge tables dominating the creative scene, Unique Live Edge Tables has found its niche

There are entrepreneurs and then there’s Bruce Hanusosky. Bruce takes entrepreneurship to a whole new level and not because he’s been creating and running businesses since he was in high school. Bruce combines passion and talent to create high-quality products and services that fulfill a demand at an attainable price. It’s a business model...

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White Rabbit Kids: It’s a store with hard-to-find toys and more

The famous champion of the benefits of play for children, Mr. (Fred) Rogers once said, “Play is really the work of childhood.” Well, if that’s true, Lauren Dannemiller, owner of White Rabbit Kids, is one hard worker. Lauren grew up surrounded by four siblings, not a lot of television or store-bought toys, several rabbits the kids were...

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It’s Medicare review time

For people with Medicare, September is traditionally a time to review their current plan. Taking a quick couple of minutes to chat about Medicare with me is different from the Annual Enrollment Period, which this year runs from Sunday, October 15, to Thursday, December 7. I’d like to invite you to spend just a few minutes on the phone, via...

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Staying in the fight

With no set class times, 30-minute circuit training you can jump into every three minutes and stress-relieving workouts that combine kickboxing moves with strength training—9Round studio in Fairlawn, under new ownership, offers a novel approach for those looking to boost their fitness in a fun, non-combative way. “Whether members want...

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