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Where athletes with physical and mental disabilities gather to play America’s favorite pastime, on their own terms

What began as a scribble on a Post-it note as a suggestion to Eastlake Mayor Dennis Morley is today the Miracle League, a magical place on the corner of Vine Street and state Route 91, where athletes with physical and mental disabilities gather to play America’s favorite pastime, on their own terms. “We like to say we rival Disney for...

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Local photographer Gabe Wasylko turns his lens on The Land

Local photographer Gabe Wasylko is dedicated. So much so that he often starts his days at 4:30 a.m., researched and ready to shoot his beloved Cleveland in all its glory from the perfect spot, basking in the glow of the rising sun, all while the city dwellers are sound asleep. The next few hours of his day are dedicated to grabbing various photos...

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At the new North Coast Aikikai, owner and sensei Salvatore LaCorte is sharing his passion for aikido with people of all ages and abilities

Aikido is a martial art that you best understand by knowing what it isn’t. It is not combative or violent. It is also not competitive. And while it’s an excellent means of self-defense, that’s only because it teaches the student to move in harmony with an opponent to bring a peaceful resolution to a conflict. At the newly...

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Layered protection with final expense insurance

Most people are familiar with term life insurance, but its often overlooked cousin, final expense insurance (whole life), can prove to be just as valuable. Final expense insurance can pick up where term life leaves off. Many people purchase term life to cover things like support for a spouse or children. But it does have an end date, often...

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Here’s how Neubert Painting can revitalize your kitchen cabinets for thousands less than a traditional remodel

Over the last year, the kitchen remodeling industry experienced a boom unlike any other. Everyone, it seemed, wanted to spruce up their interior space. But a shortage of materials combined with a difficulty in getting them and overloaded contractor schedules meant the price of remodeling went up—way up. One company decided not to...

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