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A will right away?

Our current labor shortage and supply chain woes have us all waiting a little longer for just about everything. The legal system is no different. “Even before the labor crunch, there has been a necessary amount of time people have to wait to have certain documents filed,” says local attorney Margaret T. Karl. “That’s just the nature of...

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Creative Movement Center is registering for summer dance camp

If you want your children’s hearts to soar, there’s no better pursuit than dance. Research has shown that dance improves emotional well-being, social and cognitive skills, dedication and discipline, as well as provides the physical benefits of strength, better posture, coordination and flexibility. For kids ages 18 months to 18 years...

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Soccer phenom Victoria Safradin is on a roll

Pardon the pun, but local soccer phenom Victoria Safradin is on a roll. Last October she went to two camps, one in California and one in Florida. After those she was one of 20 players chosen to represent the United States in the Dominican Republic to compete for a World Cup spot. The road to world-class performance has been paved with a...

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Final expense insurance pays right away if you die

Most people are familiar with term life insurance, but its often overlooked cousin, final expense insurance (whole life), can prove to be just as valuable. Final expense insurance can pick up where term life leaves off. Many people purchase term life to cover things like support for a spouse or children. But it does have an end date, often...

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The City of Mentor has just announced its summer lineup of events

For music lovers, beachgoers, foodie fans, wine enthusiasts, parade watchers, yoga followers and anyone who enjoys the protracted oohs and aahs of fireworks, the City of Mentor has just announced its summer lineup of events. According to Ante Logarusic, communications officer for the city, they have expanded their schedule. “I think...

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