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What’s the difference between a will and a trust?

In 2011, the baby boomer generation began turning 65, retiring from the workforce, switching its subscription from Rolling Stone to AARP Magazine and setting its sights on the golden years. Needless to say, Attorney Margaret T. Karl—who specializes in legal issues facing seniors—has been busy. We caught up with her at a speaking...

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An umbrella policy protects your wealth

Here’s the scenario: You have a car accident and you’re at fault. Several other drivers are involved and their vehicles are significantly damaged. You suffer injuries, they suffer injuries, and everyone, including you, is looking to your insurance company to pay up. Your limit of liability tops out at $250,000, but the claims go...

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Relax, it’s only your butt

I get it. Anything that pertains to your rear end can be a source of amusement or embarrassment. The latter keeps many people from coming to see me as soon as they notice the pain, burning and itch associated with hemorrhoids. Eventually they decide the gain is far better than living with the pain and schedule an...

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IV nutrient therapy

For people struggling with fatigue, jet lag, viral illness and other health conditions, IV therapy represents an easy way to deliver to the body the nutrients it needs to become well again. For high-intensity athletes, IV therapy increases energy and improves performance. And for those who simply wish to slow the hands of time,...

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Remodeling—what matters to you most?

All great achievements begin with a vision. To form a clear, comprehensive picture of a home renovation before the first nail is hammered, Bob Gallese, founder of Acclaim Renovations & Design, holds an initial inquiry meeting with potential clients. “I’ve been in the business for 44 years,” he says. “And if I’ve learned anything,...

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