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Here’s why the team of Realtors at Platinum Real Estate shines bright

Since being installed in 2016 by our fair city’s convention and visitors’ bureau, the Cleveland script signs have become an iconic symbol of our identity. And as much as they represent the sheer coolness of living in and being from the CLE, the signs signify far more than a selfie backdrop. There is an inescapable feeling of...

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This is the time to schedule a free evaluation with Roni Bell to determine if your current Medicare plan is still the best fit for you in the coming year

Fear of change, information overload and complacency are just some of the reasons people on Medicare stay put in their plans when the annual enrollment period comes around. “It can be difficult to know what to do,” says Roni Bell, a licensed insurance agent with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. “Many people do nothing, and...

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Memory quilts are the ultimate gift, featuring everything from concert T-shirts to little league baseball jerseys

You can literally wrap yourself up in memories, with some help from Memory Lane Quilting. From a quilt that incorporates concert T-shirts to little league baseball jerseys, these memory quilts tell a story. “Whether a quilt made from bathing suits that reminds you of your favorite vacation places to sorority shirts from college years,...

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Guhde Flooring America can take your floors and more from now to WOW!

The desire to gather around a fire has been burning bright since cavemen circled a flame in communion 50,000 years ago. This time of year—when the chilly weather signals us to cozy up around the fire—is the perfect season to get in touch with your inner caveman. From super sleek to rustic chic, Guhde Flooring America has all the...

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Caring for seniors in an intimate, home-like setting makes Pine Hill Country Care an easy choice

When the time comes to think about assisted living, the options can be overwhelming. What’s the right choice when where you really want to be is home? Sue Lanning, owner of Pine Hill Country Care in Concord, knows the feeling and has the answer. “If it can’t be your home, it should be ours,” says Sue. “I began my...

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