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Minkin's Music: Beauty beyond music

My love for music is just a few paces in front of my incredible bond with nature. One of the things my children are grateful I taught them was embracing the outdoors. It’s a place I refer to as “getting lost.” The more remote the better. Living in Northeast Ohio, you can take advantage of the many parks and trails either in the...

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Midwest Everlasting Memorials: Working with family

Every family experiences the death of a loved one and ours is no exception. That’s why we spend time connecting with customers to help ease the stress and anxiety associated with marking the final resting place of someone special. We make the process as peaceful as possible, offering simple-solution pricing and a number of different...

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For anyone who wants the power to heal themselves without drugs or surgery, Whole Body Health is the answer

By integrating a myriad of holistic modalities, the team of health care practitioners at Whole Body Health Clinic in Medina have healed people by addressing ailments at the root level: cellular energy. “We are living in a world that is depleting us faster than it is rebuilding us,” says Dr. Tim Weeks, who founded the clinic in...

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Get 18% off your entire power washing order from the exceptionally talented group of home beautification experts at Perfect Power Wash

With the exception of playing a full 18 holes on a Saturday and visiting the 19th afterward, one of my life’s greatest pleasures is getting a great deal on something I need. The folks at the men’s clothing stores know me by name, and unless I need a new pair of cufflinks for an upcoming event, I absolutely love shopping during clearance...

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Dry needling for pain relief

The next big thing in physical therapy and pain management actually is something that has been around for decades and shares some similarities to acupuncture, which has origins that trace back thousands of years. Dry needling is a highly effective treatment for individuals suffering from chronic muscle soreness or pain. From treating sports...

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