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Is your butt normal?

A patient returned to my office for a follow-up after a treatment session. “How are your hemorrhoids doing?” I asked. “Wow, it’s amazing!” she replied. “I didn’t realize just how annoying my hemorrhoids actually were. I was so used to putting up with them, I had forgotten what normal was like.” I hear this frequently from...

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Dental implants have health benefits

The ancient Mayans experimented with tooth replacement by using carved stones, seashells or bone fragments.  Thankfully, the technology has come a long way since then. Dr. Nathaniel Taylor, founder of North Royalton Family Dental, has been offering this service since 2010, after completing implantology training in Chicago. We caught up with...

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Apex Dermatology welcomes Dr. Nely Aldrich

Apex Dermatology has grown to become an area leader in medical, surgical and aesthetic dermatology by helping patients feel good in their own skin. For some people, this means clearing up their acne and psoriasis, or diminishing wrinkles and scars. For others, it means making them cancer free. “We transform people’s lives through our...

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How your prescription can save you $729

For several months now, I’ve been sharing some of our clients’ experiences of a happier, healthier life due to their hot tub.  Our family would like you to feel better, too, so for once in your life having your medical condition is actually going to save you money.  Here’s how: Bring in a prescription medicine bottle treating a...

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Brookway Hearing Center is where customers become friends

From its rustic waiting room to the steaming cup of coffee you might enjoy when you arrive for your appointment, a visit to Brookway Hearing Center may feel a lot like walking into a friendly get-together. “The friendliest thing about us…is us,” assures Robert Pavlik Jr., a board certified hearing instrument specialist, audioprosthologist...

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