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Take your old life back!

Once people hit age 40, their bodies start to change. Fatigue, increased body fat, loss of muscle tone, a lower libido and more aches and pains are the norm. But it doesn’t have to be that way. For people who understand their body is aging but are unwilling to sacrifice their quality of life while it’s happening, Revive Regenerative Medical...

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Could it be your thyroid?

You could be suffering from an underactive thyroid and not even know it. The condition is called subclinical hypothyroidism. If you experience intolerance to cold, an inability to lose weight, depression, hair loss and fatigue, yet thyroid tests show you are within the normal range, you could have this condition. According to many experts,...

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Don Barnes lost more than 60 pounds with help from the Lake County YMCA

Last January, after Don Barnes couldn’t spend more than five minutes on a treadmill, he had a heart-to-heart with his doctor about making changes in his life if he wanted to live long. So, Don went “shopping” for a fitness place to help him trim down his 270-pound frame, increase his cardio capability and, most importantly, control his...

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Kids should brush their teeth this way

Getting children to brush properly is one of the most important things a parent can do. It establishes a lifetime of positive dental health behaviors to help avoid tooth decay and gum disease. We went to an expert—Dr. Amberlee Taylor, founder of North Royalton Pediatric Dentistry—for a master class in brushing. “First of...

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Who's looking at your rear?

A man who came in for an appointment recently had been told by his primary care physician that he had 10 hemorrhoids and they were all protruding.  After asking him a series of questions, I told him it didn’t sound like that was happening at all. You see, it’s not anatomically possible to have 10 hemorrhoids. Three is the most you can...

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