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Chardon’s newest store, Vintage Hollow, features vintage and eclectic finds to suit every taste and budget

Karen Miller and Meghan Connolly recognized each other as kindred spirits when they met. Both vendors at an vintage store in Mentor that ultimately closed, Karen and Meghan knew their partnership was just beginning. “We became fast friends,” Karen says. “When the shop was closing, Meghan came to me and said, ‘I know you love what...

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Grandma’s sterling silver flatware could remain a dusty heirloom, or you could cash it in at Chagrin Falls Gold & Coins

How can you quickly and easily cash in on old, broken, gold and silver jewelry and other items taking up space in your home? All precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum have always been, and always will be, valuable commodities. But you still can’t make a purchase, pay a bill or take a trip with old jewelry or a sterling tea set. You...

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With the popularity of live-edge tables dominating the creative scene, Unique Live Edge Tables has found its niche

There are entrepreneurs and then there’s Bruce Hanusosky. Bruce takes entrepreneurship to a whole new level and not because he’s been creating and running businesses since he was in high school. Bruce combines passion and talent to create high-quality products and services that fulfill a demand at an attainable price. It’s a business model...

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White Rabbit Kids: It’s a store with hard-to-find toys and more

The famous champion of the benefits of play for children, Mr. (Fred) Rogers once said, “Play is really the work of childhood.” Well, if that’s true, Lauren Dannemiller, owner of White Rabbit Kids, is one hard worker. Lauren grew up surrounded by four siblings, not a lot of television or store-bought toys, several rabbits the kids were...

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At Lark & Vines, owner Leslie Choma has made it her mission to source uncommon goods from across the globe

For anyone who likes to think global and act local, shop owner Leslie Choma opened Lark & Vines last year to showcase an oh-so-darling destination for curated home goods, bags, jewelry and eclectic giftables. “Everything here is either from women-owned businesses and handmade by artists or fair trade-certified companies from all over the...

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