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From signature wearables and accessories to an organic line of dog food, the freshly minted Bare’s Closet caters to dogs of all ages and sizes

“Everything I know I learned from dogs.” —Nora Roberts After Baron “Bare” Alo Kuchar bounded into the lives of Heather and Ray Kuchar in 2020, nothing has been the same. Equal parts lovable and loving, this 94-pound English Labrador has brought immense joy to the family. In addition to being “a nonstop cuddly bundle of...

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At the freshly expanded Healthy Attractions, a host of new health and wellness options for people, and even their pets, is available all in one sensational location

This month, Heather Kuchar is taking Healthy Attractions to new heights, doubling its size and opening the doors to a synergistic group of women who help others achieve their best lives. “This expansion has been a dream of mine since founding my life-coaching studio,” she says. “Each of these ladies brings a special talent to the table...

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Exclusively at Next to Me in Mentor, famed handbag designer Timmy Woods will be onsite to autograph her wildly popular pieces

Custom made. Limited edition. Collectible. Handcrafted. One of a kind. All words to describe the ethos of Timmy Woods’ designer handbags. Her pieces have graced the wrists of celebrities walking the red carpets at the Academy Awards and Emmys as well as television shows such as Sex in the City. Sarah Jessica Parker chose the Swarovski-crystal...

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Caring for someone with cancer can take a toll, and The Helicopter Daughter offers encouragement, support and products that make life easier

Karen Hadden was an accidental “helicopter daughter.” Through circumstances involving the physical and emotional needs of both of her parents, Karen became their caregiver, organizer, and took on many other roles she never anticipated. The term “helicopter parent” is defined as a parent who oversees, or hovers over, every aspect of a...

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You will become obsessed with the hottest local finds at Indy Gifts

Like all entrepreneurs, Jill Gray had a dream. First as a teacher, then as a high school counselor for 15 years, Jill enjoyed her work in education but always had that nagging feeling in the back of her mind that something was missing. Jill wanted to someday open a store where people could find gifts that help celebrate life’s most important...

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