White Rabbit Kids

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White Rabbit Kids offers more than toys for both kids and adults.

By Mary Malik

There’s nothing quite like experiencing the holidays through the eyes of a child. The excitement, activities, food, fun and, yes, the toys, are all the things Lauren Dannemiller experienced growing up with her four siblings and today with her own two children. As the owner of White Rabbit Kids in the heart of downtown Willoughby, Lauren loves nothing more than helping people find that perfect toy to delight the child in their life.

“The holidays are special here at White Rabbit Kids,” Lauren says. “From the decorated store windows to the holiday displays and special events throughout the season, there’s lots to see and do.”

And if you can’t get to White Rabbit Kids, Lauren offers a Wish List program where grown-ups start an online gift list for a child, then share the link with family and friends looking for gift ideas.

“You can create as many lists as you’d like,” Lauren says. “And when the link is shared, the creator will receive a 10 percent off code good for 30 days in the store. We have so many unique items you won’t find anyplace else, including sensory and STEM-based toys, arts and crafts items, and the popular Picasso Tiles and Heartsong lines. It’s a great mix.”

White Rabbit Kids offers more than toys for both kids and adults. Couldn’t everyone use a little break, especially during the holidays? Lauren invites all to register online for a free, family-friendly, gratitude yoga session at the store on Sunday, November 26.

“Kristen from Kids in Cleveland will be presenting the class,” Lauren says. “Join us. It’s a great way to get the whole family focused on gratitude this season.”

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