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The annual ritual of back-to-school shopping at Lucky Shoes is making a comeback thanks to smart moms who care—and grandmothers

When I was a kid, back-to-school shoe shopping was an annual ritual. At age 10, having an adult expert focus exclusively on me and my needs made me feel special. After trying on several pairs, I’d choose one and insist on wearing the shoes out of the store, my old shoes placed neatly into the box the new shoes came in. Once home, I’d run...

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1811 Shop & Bar Room is globally inspired

Half housewares shop, half cocktail bar, the 1811 Shop & Bar Room is a place where you can shop and socialize. Owned by Amanda Kaye and Michael Prediger—she’s the storekeeper, he’s the barkeeper—the couple is melding their passions. “We opened the store last fall and the bar last month,” says Michael. “We make...

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Essentials Garden & Design Studio puts a creative, elegant spin on outdoor spaces

Some of you might be familiar with Shelley Mapp as the owner of Essentials clothing store in Fairlawn. Shelley has taken her passion for design and decor outdoors and opened a new store, Essentials Garden & Design Studio, just a couple doors down. “I love clothes, I love decorating, interior and exterior home design, art and everything...

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Check out today’s revolutionary e-bikes that are making cycling fun again at Century Cycles

One of the fastest-growing consumer products markets in the world is the e-bike. Dramatic advancements in battery technology combined with an aging population mean more of us can enjoy the thrill, adventure, and fitness benefits of biking—for many more years and over greater distances. And, no, electric bikes aren’t...

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The relaxed vibe at Romancing the Walls has shoppers popping in to stay awhile

For artisanal home décor—wall art, sculptures, floral arrangements, wreaths, candles, centerpieces, lanterns, collectibles, recycled wood serving pieces, local gourmet food items and hostess gifts—as well as group charcuterie classes, don’t miss Dee Schippel’s store in downtown Valley City, Romancing the Walls. “Creating...

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