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Shoppers of Plato’s Closet in North Olmsted can let their passion for fashion run free

So long, sweatpants. With the pandemic year in our rearview mirror, people are heading back to the office, socializing again and rediscovering fashion. Clothing retailers across the country are reporting a surge in sales. Locally, the owners of Plato’s Closet in North Olmsted have seen a sharp uptick in shoppers this...

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Designed to be simple yet bold, all of the practical accessories made at Anne Cate are unique works of art

At the tender age of 19, Anne Skoch was in her dorm room at Kent State when inspiration struck. The fashion merchandising major decided to make pillows featuring the Cleveland skyline in black silhouette to decorate her space. A shared Facebook post about it and hundreds of likes later, the pillows begat a handbag that begat a wristlet that begat...

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Find value undiscovered treasure in your own home

With the popularity of cryptocurrency and other virtual investments, it’s nice to actually hold something of value in your hands. Gold and silver have had value since the beginning of time. Sure, that value fluctuates, but right now it’s high. It’s time to invest or cash in on what you already have. “Many people have gold and sterling...

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Chagrin Falls Gold & Coins has unique gifts that appreciate

Spring is gift-giving season. Add weddings, graduations and first communions to your list of birthdays and anniversaries. Looking for inspiration? Bring your broken, never worn jewelry, sterling silver flatware, sterling silver tea sets and sterling silver candlesticks to Cara Reider, owner of Chagrin Falls Gold & Coins, for cash on the spot and...

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At Chagrin Falls Gold & Coins, visitors are bringing their unwanted gold, silver and coins—and leaving with some serious cash

Springing forward sounds good, doesn’t it? Whether you’re planning that first post-Covid vacation and need some extra cash or just want to clear out the clutter and make a fresh start this spring, Cara Reider, owner of Chagrin Falls Gold & Coins, is ready to make it happen for you. Cara buys and sells gold, silver and sterling silver in...

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