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Guhde Flooring America & Design Studio is in the business of making home improvement dreams a reality

With a spacious floorplan, an open-air rooftop perfect for sleepovers, a balcony to host dance-offs and a two-story spiral slide that descends into a luxurious pool, the dream home pictured here is iconic for good reason. When the phenomenon hit theaters last year, it struck a chord of fond remembrance, an existential trip to revisit a time...

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Formerly known as Royalton CBD, the wildly popular and rebranded Tribal Balance offers one of the area’s largest assortments of CBD products

One of the first retailers to research, curate and introduce best-in-industry CBD products to Cleveland, Rob Berg has rebranded and changed his store name from Royalton CBD to Tribal Balance. “It’s a great fit with me, being from a close-knit Polish family, we see ourselves as a tribe,” he says. “And balance is at the core of...

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Even in this still-hot seller’s market, home staging is a must

The shortage of homes on the market, which isn’t keeping up with the number of interested buyers, might lead homeowners to think they don’t need to do much to their home besides putting the for-sale sign in the front yard. But in reality, the answer to the question, “to stage or not to stage,” is more complicated. I caught up with...

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After eight years of training at MaxStrength Fitness, Brian Walsh continues to triumph over his age—and he’s still getting stronger

Americans are retiring at an older age. According to a Gallup survey, the average reported retirement age increased from age 57 in 1991 to 61 in 2022. It also showed that individuals’ planned retirement age increased too, from age 60 in 1996 to 66 in 2022. Experts behind the study theorize that people are working longer because they...

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Your love for mom is timeless and her gift should be too

Buying jewelry—whether for a loved one or yourself—has become more intentional and meaningful than ever. Angel Mastandrea at Great Lakes Boutique scours the national and international jewelry markets to bring back the most meaningful, emerging, and in-demand lines to Northeast Ohio. A Boom in Estate JewelryOne of the...

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