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Building the dream: Where will Kaye Construction uncover your new space?

For those of us hanging out in our backyards enjoying the fleeting summery weather, the change of seasons will transform the way we use our homes. As we cover our outdoor patio tables and stack up the deck chairs when cooler weather scurries us indoors, it’s time to take a look inside to see how we can make more space for our family and...

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A Final Thought: Road Rage

In the early 2000s, when my youngest daughter turned 15 and a half and received her Ohio BMV learner’s permit, the task of teaching her to drive fell to me. Not only had I successfully taught her older sister, I had also learned driving from my own father: “To make sure you’re in the center of your lane, line up the hood ornament with the...

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Here’s how Fitness Together helped one local couple grab midlife by the collar and show it who’s boss

As successful trial lawyers with a bustling practice and four busy kids ages 10 to 17, Todd and Susan Petersen were starting to feel as if their lives were running them instead of the other way around. “Age 50 is around the corner and we wanted to hit it running instead of sitting,” says Todd. “It had been a long time since we had...

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At The Village of St. Edward, residents enjoy safety and peace of mind while engaging in familiar, fun, and faith-based activities

Residents and their families at The Village of St. Edward in Wadsworth give favorable reviews to the protocols put in place by the conscientious staff to provide safety and peace of mind during these uncertain times. “Our mission is to engage our residents at every level along their journey,” says Annette Walters, corporate director of...

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HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Scott McEvoy provides his Medicare clients with a distinct advantage

Most insurance carriers offering Medicare make tweaks to their plans every year. “This year in particular, there is a lot of competition for business,” says Scott McEvoy, a licensed insurance agent with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. “Carriers have really beefed up their offerings, making some Medicare plans more attractive than ever...

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