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At Apex Dermatology’s newest office in Mentor, this professional team takes the battle against skin cancer to an entirely new level

When Dr. Jorge Garcia-Zuazaga founded Apex Dermatology and Skin Surgery Center in 2011, he had a mission to transform lives through healthy skin. Whether helping a patient to become cancer free, to improve acne or to smooth away wrinkles, Apex has been empowering its patients ever since. In less than a decade, Apex has grown to nine offices...

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Station 43 Tavern’s fresh fall menu has people across Northeast Ohio all fired up

You can’t fake a good bake, and at Station 43 Tavern, an authentic clambake awaits—every Thursday after 4 p.m.—until the end of October. Our clambake is as delicious as it gets,” says Chef Brian Swaney, master of all things made from scratch in the Station 43 kitchen and leader of the wildly talented kitchen team. “For just...

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The Medicare plan you signed up for several years ago may no longer be the right fit for you

Heading into the Medicare Annual Open Enrollment Period—Thursday, October 15, to Monday, December 7—we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Joe Namath on television, radio and billboards, trying to convince seniors to call his out-of-state 1-800 number for the best-ever plan. Broadway Joe might have a Super Bowl ring and be in the...

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The rock stars at University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center have set the stage for an electric performance by your heart

Your heart, like your home, depends on sound plumbing and electrical systems to stay in working order, says Antonio Sotolongo, MD, a cardiac electrophysiologist at University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center. Blocked arteries—your heart’s plumbing—can result in chest pain or a heart attack. Meanwhile, electrical...

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For some clients of Fitness Together in Brecksville, it’s not about losing, it’s about building

Think of building muscle strength as tipping over the first domino in a chain reaction of health benefits. According to Kyle Hotz, trainer and studio manager at Fitness Together in Brecksville, strong muscles help your body burn more calories, boost metabolism, build up bones, ligaments and tendons, and decrease your risk of cardiovascular...

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