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At Celena Koerber’s 2piFit, personal training takes a different turn

Though personal trainer Celena Koerber is an industrial engineer, she tells her clients not to get bogged down with numbers when it comes to fitness. “When you start an exercise program, don’t get fixated on your body measurements or weight,” says Celena, owner of 2piFit. “I take a 360-degree approach to health and fitness and a focus...

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The Three Ps of Medicare

This year’s enrollment period for Medicare launches on Thursday, October 15, and ends on Monday, December 7. In theory this might seem like a lot of time to make sure the plan you’re enrolling in is the best fit for your needs, but in practice it really isn’t. “The Medicare annual enrollment period is the time when everyone who has...

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With more and more people hunkering down at home, “remodel” is the buzzword for fall

One of the biggest pandemic silver linings is that we’ve all turned into homebodies. Families are finding ways to coexist and enjoy each other’s company in their shared space. The home has become a safe oasis, a workplace, and a fun zone. And it’s never been shown more love and attention. According to Houzz, home remodeling...

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If you’re looking for the best Medicare plan designed to fit your needs, now is the time to shop

The Medicare Open Enrollment Period, during which time you can join a plan, drop your current plan, switch to another plan or return to original Medicare, runs now through Monday, December 7, 2020. If you’re looking for a plan that is catered to fit your individual requirements, now is the time to shop. One local agency—the DLX...

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Schedule your free evaluation

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting our health beyond the disease itself. Social distancing, self-quarantining, and stay-at-home orders have caused many of us to become more sedentary, gain extra pounds, and avoid seeing medical professionals for both routine exams and when we’re experiencing major symptoms. And working from home—where...

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