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With Collective Rose, Vintage Hollow and Antiques on the Square conveniently situated on Chardon Square, finding something special to love is as easy as it is fun

Timing is everything. And thanks to perfect timing, the owners of Vintage Hollow, Antiques on the Square and Collective Rose have created every shopper’s dream right here on Chardon Square. These four women have a history in this community, share a passion for helping others find unique items, and have recently combined their efforts to make...

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Tours of this year’s Lake County YMCA Dream House are happening right now

Tour tickets to the Lake County YMCA Dream House have become one of the hottest draws of summer. Designed and built by ProBuilt Homes, the nearly 3,000-square-foot house is worth more than $700,000. Several of the region’s top designers volunteered their talent: Kyle Baker, of Kyle L. Baker Interiors; Samantha Bryan, Decorganize It;...

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Lake Metroparks emphasizes the crucial role of pollinators in food production and plant health, urging the public to support their habitats

The next time you bite into an apple, slice a tomato, or sip the perfect cup of coffee, appreciate that it wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of a trusty pollinator. In the U.S., pollination by bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and insects accounts for $40 billion in food and beverages produced each year, or about one in every three...

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Do your toes look like little sausages?

It’s the middle of summer and it’s hot. We’re active and on our feet. So how do your legs feel? Are they achy or tired? Are your feet or ankles swollen? Do your toes look like little sausages? When people experience leg swelling, they often associate it with diet. “It must have been something I ate,” we say. “Maybe too much...

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Maple Country Meats offers affordable, locally sourced meats, produce and more

We’re in the middle of the dog days of summer, which run through Sunday, August 11. With the highest temps of the year, slaving over meals in a hot kitchen isn’t on anyone’s to-do list. So why not pop in to Maple Country Meats for one-stop shopping and easy what’s-for-dinner ideas? The newly opened store sources everything needed to...

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