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Dr. Rachel Delost is the newest member of the Apex Dermatology medical team to offer a caring and well-rounded approach to skin care

Most kids heading off to college are not sure what they want to study, but Dr. Rachel Delost already knew what she wanted to be when she was in the sixth grade. “When I was 11 years old, I knew that I wanted to be a dermatologist,” she says. “I had acne, warts and other skin issues, and my dermatologist not only helped my skin but helped...

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Real change is in the air

These words of wisdom from motivational speaker Robin Sharma speak to all kinds of change—from changing your career mid-stream to remodeling your kitchen. The words also apply to taking steps to improve your venous health. It’s hard to take those first steps and agree to varicose vein treatments; it’s a little inconvenient in the middle...

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The charity Sleep in Heavenly Peace is gearing up to build 50 beds for kids in need

With the mission statement, “No kid sleeps on the floor in our town,” the charity Sleep in Heavenly Peace runs on the noble and lofty ambition to provide beds for local children who sleep on couches or even floors as they don’t have a proper beds. “I think people would be surprised if they knew how many of the kids in our community...

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Start saving right now on keeping your family covered

With costs for things like food, gas and other necessities connected to everyday living continuing to inflate, most of us are trying to find ways to save money. We’re feeling the financial pinch in a way we haven’t in a while. Cutting back and making do with less works in some areas of our lives, but other expenses cannot be avoided. I’d...

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Is your electric panel at risk?

People don’t often think of electricity as having moving parts, but it’s constantly flowing through your home. The heart pumping the flow is your electrical panel. Since the panel is usually located in the basement, over the years it can be impacted by heat and cool temps, as well as moisture, which can cause corrosion and rust...

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