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Willoughby-Eastlake Schools puts an emphasis on keeping kids safe

There are 6,194 solid reasons why bus safety within the Willoughby-Eastlake Schools takes top priority. That’s the number of students who are transported on 74 buses each school day. “The safety of Willoughby-Eastlake students is paramount and implementing as many practices on school buses as we can to ensure that is critical,” says...

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Rising from feelings of defeat and pain

One of the questions many of our patients ask is why we chose the Phoenix for our logo. As most people know, this mythological bird regularly bursts into flame and is reborn from the ashes. It’s an enduring symbol of freedom, rebirth, resilience, and strength. To us, the Phoenix represents the ability to recover, rejuvenate and inspire...

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Kathy Carvin of HealthMarkets Insurance Agency is in your corner

If you’re on Medicare, the best word to describe your status in September might have been, “bombarded.” You probably received a huge influx of telephone calls, mail and email about your Medicare options for the Annual Election Period, happening Friday, October 15, until Tuesday, December 7. Turn on the television and your favorite and...

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Don’t be spooked by spider veins

Telangiectasia may sound like a scary condition, but it’s not. You’ve likely heard of it by its common name: spider veins. These are fine, threadlike veins on the surface of the skin. They’re often red but can also appear blue or purple. They frequently show up in a characteristic fan or sunray pattern, giving them their arachnid-inspired...

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The raised S-curve: Not all micro-mesh gutter covers are the same

Designing and manufacturing a high-performance gutter guard is a balancing act between two essential goals: the system must 1) keep out debris and 2) maintain water flow. Too much of one can be a detriment to the other. With The Gutter Boys’ exclusive Valor Gutter Guard System, the unique raised S-curve feature is the secret to achieving a...

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