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Reinventing the garage

The first question that may come to mind when rolling up to Leigh and Heather Guilkey’s Medina home, is why do they park their cars in their family room. As it turns out, the large, clean-as-a-whistle “room,” adorned with framed travel posters and other artwork, a refrigerator and a set of wicker furniture to relax on, is the...

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Remodeling—what matters to you most?

All great achievements begin with a vision. To form a clear, comprehensive picture of a home renovation before the first nail is hammered, Bob Gallese, founder of Acclaim Renovations & Design, holds an initial inquiry meeting with potential clients. “I’ve been in the business for 44 years,” he says. “And if I’ve learned anything,...

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Durable, natural beauty with Cambria quartz countertops

If the Guhde family were to stage a reality HGTV show at their new kitchen and bath design center, the breakout star would undoubtedly be Cambria countertops. They harness all the elements of true star power: High style, drop-dead good looks, a dramatic flair and the lasting durability to shine even in a tough business that chips away at its...

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New vein treatment has arrived at Center for Advanced Vein Care

Treatments for varicose veins have improved dramatically over the years—from the painful stripping surgery endured by our parents and grandparents to today’s high-tech ultrasound-guided laser ablation. Sometimes, however, it takes insurance companies time to catch up with technology. For example, a new foam-based sclerosant, which has...

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Guhde Flooring America adds another waterproof flooring option to the mix

There’s a reason they call it “spring cleaning.” As soon as the snow bids us adieu and we trade in our shovels for umbrellas, dogs and kids will be tracking in mud and dirt all over your floors. But fear not. Monica Guhde-Rosa and Shawn Rosa, of Guhde Flooring America, share that there’s a new wave of virtually waterproof carpet and...

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