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Don’t let a dirty home exterior ruin your Labor Day celebration

If you’ve ever wondered what a difference having your home power washed can make, check out the photos on this page. “Our customers are often shocked by the transformation we make in their homes,” says Ken Wilson, founder of Pristine Clean. “You just don’t notice the slow build-up of mold, mildew and grime on your home until you...

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Upscale consignment packed with 5,000 square feet of fabulous finds

What are the three words you most want to hear when shopping with a girlfriend? It’s So You! When local fashion maven Laurel Howes opened her luxury resale boutique 11 years ago, it was a natural she would pick this as its name. Nothing empowers the spirit more than looking your best in an ensemble that suits your taste, flatters your...

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Get rid of that cane or walker and get back to doing the things you love

As a physical therapist working in an emergency room in Las Vegas, for years Dr. Aaron Cook would refer patients to the Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers in the area, as they promised the latest equipment with seasoned professionals and a proactive approach. When he headed back home to Cleveland last year, along with his wife and two small...

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Willoughby’s The Bar Athletics helps you achieve your goals, get in the best shape of your life and take back your health

Living up to its name, The Bar Athletics in Willoughby raises the standard of highly individualized coaching and training through classes, one-on-one personal training sessions and nutritional coaching. “Our adaptable programs fit all levels, from the beginner to the high-performance athlete,” says Co-owner and Chief Operating Movement...

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If you already have a Medicare plan, now is a perfect time to have a needs evaluation

The Medicare Annual Enrollment period is from October 1 through December 7. So, why think about it now? If you already have a Medicare plan, now is a perfect time to have a needs evaluation. During your coverage review, we’ll go over your needs regarding prescriptions, doctors and hospitals and determine if they still match with the...

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