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Breaking the tabooty

We’ve come a long way. Topics of discussion that would never have made their way into mainstream media, or come up during a summer barbecue with friends, are now commonplace in our conversations.  Brooke Shields may have started the trend years ago when she openly discussed her battle with postpartum depression. Angelina Jolie made headlines...

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Danger at the rear exit

By now you’re likely familiar with the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids, but are you aware of the potential dangers of ignoring them? I’d like to offer two critical reasons why anyone experiencing the burning, pain, itch and bleeding associated with hemorrhoids should consider scheduling an appointment with me right now. 1. The symptoms...

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Beyond the burn...and itch

Most people don’t know there are many different symptoms that can be caused by hemorrhoids. Typically we associate the presence of hemorrhoids with itching and burning, but symptoms can include a number of other things, too. Aside from the burn and itch, another common indicator is an inability to get clean after bowel movements. You...

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Advanced Hemorrhoid Specialists: A full decade of butt jokes

“Hey, doc,” said my last new patient of the day. “Let me tell you, my hemorrhoids are a real pain in the butt.” “Ha, good one,” I laughed...for the sixth time that day. Having just celebrated our 10th anniversary as “the hemorrhoid place” in Northeast Ohio, I have seen and heard them all, from messages written in ink on the...

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Treating the "other" cavity

Hemorrhoids can be like a toothache. The pain might not be extreme at first, but it’s still bothersome. You treat the toothache with something like Tylenol, hoping the problem will somehow magically heal itself. Once the medication wears off, the toothache is still there, only now the nerve is throbbing and pressure around the...

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