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Kaye Construction can take the space you have and transform it

While spending more time at home these past few months, homeowners have been staying busy with home projects. Whether purging the basement storage room, painting a bedroom a cheerful new color or adding a tile backsplash in the kitchen, families are focusing on ways to beautify and enhance their homes. “Spring is always a busy time for home...

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Seven days a week, Miles Farmers Market is here to serve, fully stocked with fresh options

During this pandemic, it is not just the doctors and nurses on the frontlines helping us. Grocery store workers have also become unlikely heroes. While most retail stores have closed, grocery stores are busier than ever, with consumers stocking up on food during stay-at-home orders, restaurant closures and kids home 24/7. “Miles Farmers...

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Reclaim your backyard and improve your enjoyment, free of mosquitos and outdoor pests

If you ever wondered why there are so many mosquitos in your backyard, consider this. Just one capful of water can become a breeding ground for up to 300 mosquito eggs. Added to that is the fact that mosquito eggs can lay dormant for up to 15 years and you quickly realize keeping them at bay could be a never-ending battle. While it may seem...

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If spring rains have brought water into your basement, it might be time to give Olivieri and Son a call

Springtime is typically the most stressful time of the year for basement walls, says Mark Olivieri, of Olivieri and Son, the father and son basement waterproofing specialists. That, he explains, can be both a problem and an opportunity. The bad news is, if your foundation has been compromised by major cracks and shifting, the high...

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Exactly real estate offers a full-service home selling experience for a flat fee

Every so often, companies come along that change the way we do things. Facebook changed the way we communicate. Uber revolutionized the way we get around. Netflix streamlined how we watch movies. And now in real estate, Exactly’s mission is to transform the way we buy and sell homes. Founded in Northeast Ohio in 2018, this innovative real...

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