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Exactly Real Estate offers the opportunity to pay less in commission while enjoying more services

You never know when you will have your a-ha moment. For Kevin Wasie, it was the day he earned his highest real estate commission working at one of the area’s largest real estate brokerages. However, instead of being an impetus to keep pushing forward for more profitable sales, the opposite happened. It made him change his career...

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University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center might be local, but its comprehensive scope of services catapults it into the big leagues

Coming full circle, Jason Glowczewski started his career in leadership as a pharmacy manager in 2006 at the University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center. Last year he returned as its chief operating officer. A lot of changes have happened at this community hospital in 15 years, many of which were the impetuses Jason set in motion when he helped...

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Skin Care Solutions Elite MediSpa can help to erase the age from your face

After two tough years, featuring several starts and stops, we are ready to recharge and revitalize in 2022. Leading the charge is Skin Care Solutions Elite MediSpa with a menu of noninvasive facial and body rejuvenation treatments that will not only help you look your best, but, just as importantly, feel your best. As a medical...

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In need of extra space? Here’s how Kaye Construction can find it, then make it a reality

When gathering with friends and family for the holidays in your home, don’t just dream about a white Christmas. Instead, dream big—and make your home remodeling project a reality. “When renovating homes, we can add extra space above and below by building a room addition or finishing a basement,” says Ron Kaye, whose two sons, Joe...

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Ferrell-Whited Physical Therapy Services can have you back to living life on your terms, pain and limitation free

It’s been said that nothing is as healing as the human touch. At Ferrell-Whited Physical Therapy Services, the expertly trained hands of therapists elevate healing to another level. More than just restorative, physical therapy can be life changing. Whether recovering from surgery, suffering from chronic back pain, dealing with urinary...

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