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Does Google know you’re open?

This month, my oldest son is turning 13, so my wife and I decided to find a babysitter for our three other kids so we could plan a special day to celebrate—just the three of us. As we started pondering what we could do that wouldn’t be classified as “cringe” or “lame” by our new teenager, a common question kept coming up: “I...

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A Final Thought: That Just Ain’t Normal

My regular monthly column did not appear in the July 16 edition of Mimi. The bean counters decided we needed to cut costs by eliminating some unpaid content, thereby reducing page counts and printing costs. I did not object. I welcomed a month when I didn’t have to rip out a piece of my soul and put it in 258,000 mailboxes. A few readers...

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The staff at Dog Gone Crazy is passionate about offering an elevated level of service to people and their pets

Sandra Jenkins, owner of Dog Gone Crazy, a Medina-based boarding facility for dogs and cats, is a stickler for quality. It starts with an elevated level of service during the first phone call and continues throughout your pet’s stay. “This isn’t just a job for me,” she says. “This is my passion.” With a background in construction...

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Special events take an even more fabulous and safe turn at Bunker Hill Golf Course

When Chad Gibson arrived as the new general manager in March 2017, Bunker Hill Golf Course offered an ideal venue to match Chad’s knack for hosting successful fundraisers and other special events. Now, it’s even more versatile, Chad insists. That’s because a summer renovation project has significantly expanded the seating capacity...

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In 2003, Paul “Sparky” Adams was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and now his wife, Kathy, is losing him to dementia

There’s a reason Paul Adams goes by the nickname, “Sparky.” The former Director of Annual Giving at Baldwin Wallace was a creative force who loved to be around people—and people loved to be around him. In 2003, when Paul’s wife, Kathy, started noticing his tremors and facial masking (inability to smile), the couple decided to get...

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