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Brunswick's Rapid Wrench & Lube offers more than just an oil change

Rapid Wrench & Lube promises to put its customers in the fast lane. “Nobody likes waiting around,” says Andy Schmieder, owner of the fast lube and full-service auto repair facility. “After the doctor’s office and the dentist’s office, the auto repair shop comes in a close third as everybody’s least favorite place to...

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A Final Thought: Returning to the POB

This past weekend when my wife was searching for Christmas decorations in our cedar chest, she found my father’s old jewelry box, which I hadn’t opened since he passed away five years ago. In 1968, Dad quit his job at the Georgia Power Company because the company did not give him his 10-year service pin on time nor with the customary pomp...

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Senior living for a new generation

Generations Healthcare Management is proud to be the managing organization of both Berea Lake Towers and Crystal Waters retirement communities. The family of company founder Robert Coury continues his legacy by providing the same support and services people have come to expect throughout the years. It is in this spirit that the next...

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Adding a fireplace to your home

Temperatures are dropping and Clevelanders are heading indoors. Are you warm enough in there? Does your fireplace need updating? Or, maybe you’d like to add one to that room you can’t seem to keep warm. It’s time to look forward to spending time indoors. The experts at American Home & Energy, in Painesville, can help with...

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When you can’t find the will

Mom or Dad dies, and everyone is left scrambling to try and figure out where the will is. “I’ve had people bring in copies of wills because they can’t find the originals,” says John J. Urban, an attorney who has concentrated in estate management since the mid ‘70s. “In certain circumstances, we can probate a signed copy...

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