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A mirror hangs in a prominent spot in my living room. I pass it several times a day on my way to the kitchen. It is three smallish oval mirrors hinged to one another side to side, enabling one to get a side view of one’s hairdo, if desired. The mirror belonged to my grandmother and hung in her home in a hallway at the bottom of the stairs...

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Eat more to weigh less

What if I told you the secret to losing weight, getting off medications, and overcoming chronic diseases was to eat more? That’s right, more—not less. That you can restore normal metabolism by eating normal amounts of food and still lose weight—no magic pills and no extreme exercise regimen. David Gutman, MD Let me break it...

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Here’s how to improve your company’s search engine rankings

One of the most common questions we hear from local business owners is: “How can I rank higher in local Google searches.” Unfortunately, many businesses are stuck in the past using outdated SEO tactics that now account for a much smaller percentage of Google’s “algorithm,” the complex programming that determines how you...

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A Final Thought: Tales of Winter

It is mid-February when seasonal affective disorder peaks and I fall into the pit of despair—the cold, the snow, the grey skies, the still-short days. I try to go south in late winter, but not this year. Instead I’m headed to Traverse City, Michigan, to go ice fishing with some buddies. It’s madness, I know, but it’s on my bucket...

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With real estate agent Amy Hoes in your corner, selling in a fluctuating market just may be the smartest move you can make

While most of us consider the month of January a perfect time to hibernate, Howard Hanna real estate agent Amy Hoes has been insanely busy. “Despite there being a shortage of homes on the market, my team and I doubled our sales volume last month compared to January 2021,” she says, noting that her team has grown to eight local experts...

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