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Have you gained weight staying at home?

There are plenty of humorous memes on social media right now making light of the weight gain that so many of us are experiencing during the current stay-at-home order. The problem is: weight gain isn’t funny because it isn’t healthy. Extra pounds can lead to many health problems including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. To be honest,...

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Before you invest in expensive plants, let an expert help you plan your space

Last spring when I introduced landscape designer Michelle Riley in the pages of Mimi, her phone starting ringing off the hook. That’s because people who know me know that I wouldn’t have recommended her if she weren’t good—and inexpensive. She’s both. “I loved getting calls from Mimi readers last year,” Michelle told me...

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A Final Thought: Ten Things I Love

Priorities can change. A few weeks ago when we were all asked to use paper straws, people lost their minds at the magnitude of the sacrifice. Now we’re being asked to stay home, shutter our businesses, forgo paychecks, lay off our cherished employees, avoid our loved ones, and decimate the economy. And we’re doing it. Say what you...

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Hands chapped from over-washing?

Last week a Facebook friend posted a question: “Does anybody know how to help dry, chapped hands? I’ve been washing them so much they’re cracked and burning.” Normally, I don’t weigh in when friends are seeking advice on social media, but I knew the answer to this question—from first-hand experience. Two of my personal...

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Clean and sanitize your outdoor surfaces

Last week, my wife and I brought our outdoor furniture out of the garage and set it up under our “veranda.” That’s the fancy name we give our back porch. I texted a photo of the furniture to my kids with the caption, “Spring is here!” My son-in-law texted back, “Looks great. Now sanitize it so we can come over.” He was...

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