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New Year's Eve at The Aviator: A Night on the Runways

When we asked Khadar Soussou, president and co-owner of The Aviator Event Center and Pub, what his plans were for the event center’s annual New Year’s Eve bash, he replied, “This year we’ve decided to just blow it out of the water. It’s going to be best party in Cleveland.” Best, and maybe the biggest, too. This year Khadar and his...

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Is it time to get out of the stock market?

Anxiety related to potential stock market losses is common right now as investors weigh the risk/return metrics in an increasingly volatile world. If you’ve been wondering whether now is a good time to protect part of your retirement savings, there is good news. Today’s indexed annuities allow you to capture gains when the market is up,...

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ABC Equipment Rental & Sales sells and rents almost anything a professional contractor or industrious homeowner needs

It’s no secret that these days it takes time for manufacturers to ship new orders, so if you are a contractor in need of new equipment, the time to act is now. “If you want your equipment by the end of the year, you should order it now,” explains Alan Zatik who owns ABC Equipment Rental & Sales in Brunswick and Avon, along with co-owner...

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Retirement savings: Trick or treat?

Halloween is the time of year when we have fun with concepts that normally scare us—from gravestones and skeletons in our front yards to imaginary witches, vampires, and goblins. But when it comes to watching our retirement savings dwindle away due to stock market losses, the fears are not imaginary. They are very real. Unlike the...

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Local pressure washing powerhouse Pristine Clean turned a mythological creature into a metaphor for solving one of Northeast Ohio’s biggest problems for homeowners—damaged concrete

The mythological “Kraken” dates back to a 12th century Norwegian legend, perhaps rooted in sightings of giant squid. More recently, the sea monster has been popularized in comic books and in the 1981 movie Clash of the Titans, when it appears as a pet of Poseidon. In the movie, Zeus famously utters, “Release the Kraken.” Today, the...

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