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Two Advanced MMC patients—JoAnn LaGuardia and Tricia Risman—agreed to share their stories of debilitating symptoms and, ultimately, relief

When JoAnn LaGuardia drove from the Youngstown area to Dr. Patricia Delzell’s office in Chagrin Falls, it meant the tenth doctor she would see in the past 18 months for chronic pain. She made the trip lying down in the back seat because she was unable to sit up. Nor could she walk. As an accountant, she did her work in the only comfortable...

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If your valuable landscaping plants are being destroyed by deer, you can stop the damage with En Garde Deer Defense

Our area’s beautiful park systems are among the best things about living here. There are hundreds of acres of parks in the Bay Village/Rocky River area, and thousands of acres if you include the entire Rocky River Reservation. Of course, one of the challenges of the proximity to this vast area of protected nature is our duty to coexist with...

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A Final Thought: Eclipse Myths

I like science, especially astrophysics. But as an English major, I’m self-taught. I read physics books and articles and listen to podcasts. It’s hard to get your head around how curved space-time causes gravity (I surely haven’t grasped it yet), so it’s nice when something easy comes along. Like a total eclipse of the sun. It’s...

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See how WeatherSeal can increase your home’s curb appeal, reduce energy costs, and give you the best looking house on the street

When it comes to dramatically improving your home’s curb appeal, nothing beats new siding. It’s a popular project, too. According to a recent Harris Poll, 53% of Americans have replaced their home’s siding at some point, citing a variety of reasons—increased curb appeal, less maintenance, improved energy efficiency, and simply because...

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Magic Bath is fast, easy, and affordable when it comes to bathroom renovations—here’s how to get the latest technology...for less

Sometimes when our home’s interior begins to look dull, worn or dated, we hardly notice. That’s because the changes happen so slowly. The bathroom is a good example. You may remember it from years ago when it was newer—but look at it now. Look at it as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Look at it like a guest would. Ah,...

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