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The waterproofing experts at Olivieri & Son reveal how to know for sure if your home’s foundation has been compromised

Since the ground barely froze this winter—and we had more rain than snow—the yard was wetter than usual and it made for a big mess. But what’s worse than all the mud is what you sometimes cannot see: a leaky basement. “If you notice moisture, mold or a white efflorescence, it may be a sign that your foundation has been...

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The unparalleled fitness model found at MaxStrength Fitness is helping busy professionals reclaim their health

What’s the number one personality trait linked to longevity? According to personality psychology professor David Watson, it’s conscientiousness, having a sense of discipline and organization. “People with high degrees of conscientiousness are better at taking care of themselves,” he says. “Conscientious people don’t do stupid...

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Here’s how Higher Heights Fitness is helping runners up their race game

According to RunRepeat, about 1.1 million runners finish a marathon each year, which translates to .01% of the global population. Preparing to put your body and mind to the ultimate test of 26.2 miles requires next-level physical and mental fortitude. As a trainer known for walking the talk—well, he actually runs it—Kyle Hotz and...

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A beloved local attraction, Our Lady of Lourdes National Shrine is a scenic spiritual destination where visitors can find peace

Our Lady of Lourdes National Shrine is an unexpected haven of peace and tranquility. According to Sister Phyllis Ann, who is head administrator, the origins go back to 1858 when Mary appeared to Bernadette in Lourdes, France, asking her to pray for sinners and build a place where people can come to pray. A shrine was built there to commemorate...

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At OsteoStrong Strongsville, members are eliminating pain and improving bone strength without breaking a sweat

To celebrate Osteoporosis Awareness & Prevention Month, as well as its one-year anniversary, the team at OsteoStrong Strongsville is offering a complimentary session and throwing an open house. “One in two women and one in four men will suffer from osteopenia or osteoporosis in their lifetime,” says Karen Docherty, who along with her...

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