Mentor’s Matchworks Building is home to many locally owned, women wellness practitioners

Matchworks Bldg

By Mary Malik

The historic Matchworks Building in Mentor is home to more than 30 commercial spaces, including eight women-owned businesses all offering healing and wellness services. Businesses here surround a serene and soaring atrium, which makes the building especially

welcoming for anyone seeking one of these self-care services.

Let’s take a glimpse inside and focus on these women and their businesses.

The Matchworks Building is located at 8500 Station St., in Mentor.

The Matchworks Building is home to eight women-owned wellness businesses offering one-stop access to uncovering a better you. Pictured from left are: Judith Stricker-White, Julie Stone, Diana Wilson, Patty Sulik, Jaclyn Perkins, Karen Hadden, Candice Berthold and Elizabeth Smrdel.

Diana’s Energy Healing-Restoring Physical, Emotional, Mental Wellness

Owner: Diana Wilson

Diana is a certified emotion code/body code practitioner who uses an energy healing modality for humans and animals to identify and release emotional baggage and negative energies trapped in the body, which can cause physical, mental and emotional pain and illness.

“I provide a gentle, non-invasive, hands-free way to release trauma of all kinds,” says Diana. “Negative energies cause imbalance in the body, which then can cause emotional and physical disease. Releasing the negative energies helps restore proper balance and improve overall health.”


Elizabeth Smrdel

Massage & Wellness

Owner: Elizabeth Smrdel

A massage therapist with more than 11 years of experience, Elizabeth’s specialties include deep tissue massage, pain management, women’s health, and digestive and fertility support through Arvigo Maya Abdominal. Her practice includes visceral manipulation, lymphatic drainage and post operative recovery.

“I help clients in all stages of life with prenatal and postpartum massage, those recovering from an injury or health complication, or those with the need for post-operative massage for easier recovery or abdominal scar release,” says Elizabeth.


8 Minutes to Wellness

Owner: Patty Sulik

“8 Minutes to Wellness was created to help others learn about an amazing therapy that has changed our families’ lives. Our journey started in 2017 when our daughter was very sick and nothing was working for her. After seeing the results our family was experiencing, we opened the studio to share this technology with others.” says Patty

In her studio, she offers Relax, Beautify, Energize and Recover sessions—utilizing this non-invasive, low-intensity device to stimulate healthy muscles, enhancing blood flow so clients can look and feel better naturally. SPECIAL: Book a three-session package by June 30, 2024, and receive 25% off using code MIMI. Limit of one offer per customer.


The Helicopter Daughter

Owner: Karen Hadden

The Helicopter Daughter provides products to ease the physical and emotional side effects of illness for patients and caregivers.

“People battling illness, their caregivers and loved ones can find something to care for themselves,” says Karen.

Karen takes a mind, body, spirit approach to self-care, offering puzzles, games, needlework kits, bath items, lotions, teas, broths, books, jewelry and more.

Karen holds events at The Helicopter Daughter to inform, engage and comfort.


Judith Stricker-White,

Licensed Massage Therapist

Owner: Judith Stricker-White

Judith specializes in all modalities, including sports and medical massage.

“I’ve worked with the Cleveland Browns for 18 years, the Guardians and the Cavaliers,” says Judith. “I love the energy, challenge and physicality of both keeping athletes healthy and working with medically compromised clients.”

Whether getting you back on the field or back to your life, Judith is up to the challenge.

“We treat everyone like our first client,” says Judith. “The focus is your specific needs no matter where you are in your journey.”


Massage by Jaclyn

Owner: Jaclyn Perkins, Licensed Massage Therapist

An LMT since 2012, Jaclyn struck out on her own in 2018. She specializes in deep tissue massage, sports massage and stretching.

“I am certified in basic Thai massage, which combines deep tissue pressure, muscle and joint stretching and gentle adjustments of the body into yoga-like poses. Ashi-Thai massage is performed with the support of the overhead bar structure and helps release muscle spasms and improves range of motion.”

“I find my job very rewarding helping clients in their recovery from injuries, chronic pain, and overall stress from everyday life,” says Jaclyn.


Purple Lotus Yoga Studio

Owner: Julie Stone

Julie practices all Hatha-based yoga, utilizing slow, gentle poses and breathing techniques.

“My goal is for you to settle into your body and come to some level of stillness,” says Julie.

At Purple Lotus, you’ll find a calm space where everyone is welcome, whether it’s your first time or you’ve been practicing for decades.

“This is a safe, slow space,” says Julie. “Join our community where we’re all on a wellness journey in every stage of life.”


Synergy Wellness

Owner: Candice Berthold

“A certified health coach and board-certified holistic health practitioner for 26 years, I help my clients feel better naturally,” says Candice.

As a brand partner with Young Living essential oils, Candice utilizes these products along with olive oils and balsamic products to supplement her services.

“You have to make a change to have change,” says Candice. “Together, we’ll get you on the path to a healthier life.”