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Here’s how En Garde Deer Defense can keep deer from eating your floral landscaping and ensure a full summer of enjoyable outdoor living

Now that we’re almost to the middle of May, landscape plants vulnerable to deer damage are far along, becoming increasingly appetizing to white-tailed deer. These include daylilies, hostas, roses, hydrangeas, and a lot more. In fact, you may have already seen some damage. To deer, our landscaping is simply an all-you-can-eat salad...

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The Wooden Nickel Bar & Grill features a different Smash Burger every month

Known for its flavorsome smash burgers and decadent desserts, The Wooden Nickel Bar & Grill is more than just a place to dine for lunch and dinner. Located in a century-old barn in Valley City, it exudes a warm and cozy ambiance—with lots of fun. The restaurant hosts trivia night every Tuesday and “Survey Says,” a game based on the...

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The zesty kick of Nicaraguan salsa now available at Miles Farmers Market

Cleveland has always been a melting pot of cultures, which has afforded us some of the most varied and tastiest food found anywhere in the country. Now you can add Nicaraguan salsa to that list. The latest product at Miles Farmers Market, La Nica Home Style Salsa is the creation of Heidi and Tim Helms. Like many local businesses, it started as...

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There’s more to tree pruning than simply grabbing a chainsaw

In the realm of tree care providers, where precision, safety, and service reign supreme, Titan Arbor Care is a towering presence with a team dedicated to upholding the highest standards. “It begins with knowledge,” says Jay Dalton, one of the co-owners of Titan Arbor Care with Jeremy Rolf and Tyler Honsaker. “We’ve undergone extensive...

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Do you know someone who is making a difference in our community?

Not all superheroes wear capes. We all know someone who selflessly serves the community, whether through volunteering, charity work, or other forms of service like organizing events, mentoring youth, helping the elderly, or supporting those in need. Their actions inspire others and create a ripple effect of kindness to the overall well-being...

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