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Barbera Home Improvement has stood the test of time—and so has its workmanship

Ohio has seen its share of violent storms the past month. Torrential rain, hail and high winds have wreaked havoc and caused damage to countless homes. Many people suffered flooding and leaking roofs due to storm damage. In many cases, the damage might not even be visible. One local, family-run roofing company has stood the test of time:...

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Amy Hoes, of eXp Realty, weighs in on the state of the Medina County real estate market

The often-quoted Chinese citation, “May you live in interesting times,” could apply to the real estate market in Northeast Ohio. While interest rates have inched up throughout 2023, home buyers have fewer homes to choose from on the market. I caught up with Amy Hoes of eXp Realty for an explanation of what that means in the short and...

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Stop neuropathy pain…in your own home

Peripheral neuropathy is a common condition resulting from damage to smaller blood vessels and nerves, most often in the extremities. Its symptoms include weakness, numbness, burning, a painful sensation of “pins and needles,” being either hot or cold all the time and loss of feeling or difficulty with balance and walking. It’s often...

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With the next generation heading up D&S Automotive Collision & Restyling, the torch has been passed—and it’s lit

Any company that thrives over 46 years has a secret to its success. I recently sat down with father and son Carmen and C.J. Paterniti, respectively the founder and president of Lake County mainstay D&S Automotive Collision & Restyling to find out theirs. “When I was 19, back in 1977, I started the business out of my mother’s garage...

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Fitness Machine Technicians of Northeast Cleveland can keep your home gym functioning at peak performance so you never have to miss a workout

As the sophistication (and prices) of high-end exercise equipment grows, so does the need for expert technicians to care for the machines. Jennifer Houghton started her locally based business—Fitness Machine Technicians of Northeast Cleveland—five years ago, and has helped homeowners, gyms, health clubs, police and fire stations,...

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