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The 43rd Akron Arts Expo highlights beauty

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but if you can’t experience the power of art firsthand, how can you know what you perceive is beautiful? Access is everything. The 43rd Akron Arts Expo allows you to immerse yourself in authentic art, meet and chat with the artists who created it, do a little shopping, and even bring your children to...

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Here’s how to beautify your roof and add 5 to 10 years to its life, saving you thousands of dollars

Although Pristine Clean is widely known for cleaning grime, mold, moss and mildew from roofs, siding and driveways, the company now offers a roof restoration service dubbed the Pristine Roof Renew, and it has become one of the fastest growing parts of the company. “Once you see the results, you can’t help but love it,” says company...

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Your little corner of the world can become the haven you’ve been dreaming of, and Williams Landscaping & Pavers can make it happen

Last summer, when the pandemic put off vacation plans for a second straight year, many were left feeling as eager as ever for a getaway. With gas prices through the roof this summer, some might not fare any different. Rather than coming up empty for the third year in a row, more and more people are on the road to finally fulfilling their...

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The team at Bath R Us specializes in sensational total bathroom remodels in less than a week

To proclaim that Bath R Us could be the fastest-growing bathroom company in Ohio after just two years in business may be a strong statement to make. But Chad Howman, owner of the company, says he can back it up. “Happy customers are the biggest way to identify a solid, reliable company,” Chad says. “Among the things that we are most...

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It’s time to regenerate at Aligned Health Center and finally become pain-free

As the first and only Chiropractic BioPhysics clinic in Northeast Ohio, Aligned Health Center is accustomed to leading the way. Next month, they’ll expand on several fronts, moving into a new building in Westlake that’s triple the size of its current one, and growing their services to include custom scoliosis braces, massage therapy,...

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