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Meet the Artist: Lari Jacobson

Local painter Lari Jacobson likes being presented with a challenge. Inspiration comes to her in many forms, from her walks in nature observing her surroundings to whatever requests her clients dream up for her to bring to life. Her work isn’t one specific subject or theme, but an ever-evolving creation. “I draw inspiration from my clients...

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Staying cozy

With temperatures continuing to dip downward, people are grabbing their big blankets and cozying up at home. But sometimes that cozy feeling can be interrupted by a chilly draft coming from the windows. And, let’s face it, unadorned windows look and feel cold no matter what their age. By opting for cellular shades or wood shutters and a...

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Caught in a bad romance

They’re the one person besides your mother who knows your natural hair color, and you trust them with your appearance. The questions I’d like you to stop and ask yourself are: Are you in love with your hairdresser? Are all of your hair days “good hair days?” Here are four words you never want to hear from your stylist:...

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Take a swing at the Bunker Hill Golf Course hundred-dollar unlimited golf special

An exhilarating round of golf may be just the antidote for a nagging case of post-Super Bowl cabin fever. And unlimited golf for 61 days for just $100 makes for sweet medicine. “Our unlimited March and April membership gives golfers the opportunity to get back in the swing after a long winter and reacquaint themselves with our newly improved...

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Physical therapy at MyoFit Clinic is the best option to avoid orthopedic shoulder surgery

If all the joints in our body, the shoulder joint has the greatest range of motion. Our shoulders sustain sprains and strains, dislocations, tendinitis, torn rotator cuffs, bursitis, frozen shoulder, fractures, arthritis and a host of other injuries and conditions. Because it is such a mobile joint, you can hurt it in falls, when you...

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