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Infusion therapy is the latest thing to hit the health and wellness market

For those suffering from chronic nerve pain, depression, fibromyalgia, or PTSD, finding treatment options that provide relief and improve one’s quality of life can be overwhelming. Now, however, leading-edge infusion therapies have become an effective and reliable option used in conjunction with a patient’s medical course. Mind & Body...

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Daso Custom Cabinetry holds a top spot for design, quality and workmanship

Jeff Daso is living his own version of the American Dream. It goes like this… The Setting: A small family garage on a dairy farm in the cornfields of Wayne County, Ohio. The Character: An ambitious, hard-working 19-year-old with a passion for woodworking. The Plot: Though he had tried a year studying business at college, the...

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Mentor Schools met the challenges of the pandemic victoriously and kept students connected

Mimi recently attended a luncheon (via Zoom, of course, darling) to hear Mentor Schools Superintendent Bill Porter give his annual State of the Schools speech to the Mentor Area Chamber of Commerce. Everything he said was quite impressive. First, he chronicled a few highlights over the past year, which, obviously due to the pandemic, looked...

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The health of your body starts with the health of your feet

Just like a tree is only as healthy as its root system, people’s overall wellness is connected to the health of their feet. “Routine foot care is a vital service I offer,” says Dr. Danielle L. Shaper, who founded Finesse Footcare in Lyndhurst in 2019. “Ignoring the everyday care of your feet could lead to a myriad of ailments, from...

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Granite Creek Cabinetry offers the wow factor at an affordable price

Some design trends that took root in 2020 are continuing into 2021. And top of the list is an uptick in kitchen remodeling. Always considered the heart of the home, the kitchen now doubles as a space to work from home and do schoolwork. Plus, families are preparing more meals at home now. “The last couple of months have been the busiest...

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