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Don’t get confused

Change is in the air in the form of a new year. Do you have a licensed insurance agent you can trust to help guide you through any health isurance changes that may be affecting you? Last year, many of us may have spent our days feeling vulnerable. If nothing else, we now understand the value of being prepared. Many people...

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Support for dementia patients during every phase of their journey at Symphony at Olmsted Falls

Thanks to staff and residents of Symphony at Olmsted Falls already receiving both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, their building is one of the safest places to be. Although the past year has been a challenge responding to the pandemic, the staff has gone the extra mile and them some in adapting. “We’ve been conducting vaccination...

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Uncover your benefits

Most of the people I do a complimentary review for are surprised to find out they may have insurance benefits in their healthcare policy they’re paying for but not using. Simply put, they don’t know what their coverage covers. For example, they may have coverage for over-the-counter medication, but have no idea they can get reimbursed for...

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Here’s how to get more from your insurance benefits

“When I do their complimentary healthcare review, many people are surprised to learn about plan benefits they are paying for but not using. Simply put, they don’t know what their coverage covers,” says licensed insurance agent Scott McEvoy, of HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. “For example, they may have coverage for over-the-counter...

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Exploring tile trends at Guhde Flooring America

Ah February. Not too many positive-sounding attributes attached to right now. We’re gloomily slogging through the dead of winter and probably suffering from cabin fever. But a side effect of being cooped up is that homeowners become tired of staring at their dated home interiors and decide to make a change. The designers at Guhde...

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