SCS Elite MediSpa has just introduced new ways to get glowing this spring

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Dr. Kathleen Fearon (right) and esthetician Taylor Davidian are shown here doing a Tixel treatment in the SCS Green office. (Photography: Adrienne Rose)

By Laura Briedis

Just as Oscar Wilde so poetically wrote that a flower blossoms for its own joy. So, too, do we blossom when we feel that inner joy.

Nurturing us along the way is Skin Care Solutions Elite MediSpa.

Known for its facial rejuvenation treatments, such as facials, wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers, it keeps evolving to offer wellness for the whole you.

SCS Elite MediSpa has offices in Medina, Green and Wooster. Here, three physicians work side by side with nurse practitioners and aestheticians, all with one common goal: to make you feel and look your best.

“We focus on enhancing and refining your facial features and overall appearance, but not changing you,” says Dr. Kathleen Fearon, who along with Dr. Dana Bonezzi and Dr. Debra Fast, founded the MediSpa in 2006. “From skin care services to hormone therapy to laser treatments to nutrition with integrated medicine, we help our patients temporarily reverse age-related changes and reset the clock.”

SCS Elite MediSpa has offices in Medina, Green and Wooster. Here, three physicians work side by side with nurse practitioners and aestheticians, all with one common goal: to make you feel and look your best.

“When you are refreshed and rejuvenated, it also affects the way you feel,” says Dr. Fearon, who works in all three offices and is expanding her hours in Green.

Always staying abreast of the latest developments in the wellness world, the MediSpa has added a skin tightening treatment, a skincare product line and a new aesthetician.

Meet Taylor Davidian
Based in the Medina office, Taylor Davidian assists the physicians with fillers and injectables, as well as specializes in facial treatments.

A local girl who grew up in North Royalton, Taylor attended Arizona State University, where she earned a degree in psychology. It was there that she first experienced skin breakouts with all the stress of college life and started to delve into skin care.

“I started to do a lot of research and address my skin issues by trial and error, and that’s when I knew it was my real passion and decided to go to aesthetician school to make it a career,” Taylor says. “I love helping other women feel confident in their skin.”

Taylor is well versed in facials and peels, and offers Saturday appointments.

Get Results with Tixel
The newest treatment at SCS Elite MediSpa, Tixel improves your skin, resulting in a more youthful, revitalized appearance. Using thermo-mechanical action technology, this new device delivers short bursts of thermal energy to the skin’s surface.

“We do not penetrate the skin so it is very noninvasive,” Taylor explains. “The device applies heat that we stamp around the face, neck or other areas to help stimulate collagen building.”

“After a Tixel treatment, you will notice improvement in skin texture and pigmentation,” she says. “The long-term results are skin tightening and softening of lines when done in a series. We recommend three treatments, one per month for the first three months, then once a year for maintenance.”

“We are always researching new treatments, and we bring them into our practice if we see results,” Dr. Fearon says. “Adding Tixel is just one more tool that we have available.”

Taylor Davidian is the newest member of the SCS Elite MediSpa team.

Hair Loss Solutions
For both men and women who have hair loss or thinning hair, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy promotes new hair growth by increasing blood supply to the hair follicle.

This same technology is also used for facial treatments as the growth factors in the plasma play an important role in tissue healing and skin rejuvenation. Combined with microneedling, PRP stimulates collagen and elastin production to tighten skin, smooth wrinkles and improve overall texture and tone.

“I have been using PRP in my medical practice for more than 10 years to treat tendinitis and joint issues, and more recently it was added to the MediSpa for all of its benefits,” Dr. Fearon says.

New Products
As we are embracing spring, Dr. Fearon says it is time to hydrate, moisturize and wear mineral-based sunscreen.

The MediSpa has just added a fourth product line, Alastin Skincare, to give clients more options and science-backed skin care.

SCS has just added to its impressive collection of product lines. Alastin Skincare, the newest addition, gives clients more options and science-backed skincare.

Its blend of active peptides and key ingredients works with skin to clear out damaged collagen and elastin, while supporting your skin’s natural ability to produce new healthy collagen and elastin.

“This spring, if your heart is glowing with the sun, let your skin glow, too,” Dr. Fearon says.

Now booking Saturday appointments. Skin Care Solutions Elite MediSpa has three offices: 410 S. Court Street in Medina, 330-636-1608; 1840 Town Park Boulevard in Uniontown/Green, 330-933-6493; and 3727 Friendsville Road in Wooster, 330-465-0670. Check out for more details.