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Take this venous health quiz

Venous disease is a common condition affecting more than 30 million Americans. However, many people are not being treated because they haven’t been properly diagnosed or blame their symptoms on something else: “I’m just getting older.” “I was on my feet all day.” “I need to exercise.” “I must be dehydrated.” “It’s no big...

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Common questions about hearing

World Hearing Day is Sunday, March 3. My practice raises awareness and educates people in our community by attending public events, health fairs and senior centers. To reach more people, I thought I’d use this column to answer some common questions: Why are hearing aids so expensive?Before a device comes to market, it must go through years...

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Building healthier bodies

With warming temps and sunnier skies, this month is traditionally the time people who like to run, hike or walk come out from hibernation. Whether you’re a longtime runner or just starting out, it’s important to consider the benefits of building muscle when it comes to preventing injury. According to the National Institutes of...

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Are you really ready to run?

Like several of our trainers, clients and runners from all over the world, I’m gearing up to run in the 47th Annual Cleveland Marathon, Sunday, May 19. For the first time, Higher Heights is sponsoring a booth at the Health & Fitness Expo presented by University Hospitals to be held at the Huntington Center on Friday, May 17. We’ll be offering...

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Is direct primary care a fit for you?

Many people associate direct primary care with dollar signs, but that’s not the case. At Maple Health DPC, we have packages that start at only $70 a month. Trained by a system of packed healthcare provider schedules, double charging (appointment and procedural fees), and no limit to the number of patients a practice sees, society has learned...

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