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Is it time for an inspection?

To anyone who isn’t trained as an electrician, a home’s electrical system can seem mysterious. Electricity is flowing invisibly through your home 24/7. It’s a system that’s inherently...

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Your free electrical inspection

If you’ve realized anything from these monthly columns, I hope it’s that at Streb Electric we do things a little differently than everyone else. As a family-owned company, I feel that over the...

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How to avoid power outages

With wicked winter weather comes snowstorms and power outages. There’s nothing worse than your power going out, often at important times like right in the middle of making dinner, and the...

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Ways to save on electricity

When you type “Ways to save money” into your Google search bar, the next four words that automatically appear most often are “on your electric bill.” Inflation has us all looking for ways to...

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Safety and holiday lighting

A leisurely drive through any neighborhood will tell you people are lighting up their homes—inside and out—more than ever with Halloween decorations. And as soon as the goblins come...

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