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Is your carpet Duraclean?

When a disaster leaves a home damaged from smoke or water, it’s common to see Duraclean on the scene, mitigating the destruction and making things look like new again. But as we all know, smaller disasters happen at our own homes every day. Fido may have claimed the sofa as his personal fire hydrant. Or last night’s pajama party may have...

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Maximum fitness

Most high achieving executives understand that quality trumps quantity. It’s true for the products they sell. It’s true for customer service. And it’s true for exercise, asserts Jeff Tomaszewski, owner of MaxStrength Fitness, who has adopted the title of Chief Life Transformer. The title reflects his mission at MaxStrength, he...

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A hidden room in your house

Like the couple that rediscovered one another in the Piña Colada song, your garage just may be the home addition you’ve been dreaming about for years. And it’s right before your eyes. “In many cases, the garage is the biggest room in the house, but it can’t be properly utilized because it’s cluttered, dirty and the floor is...

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