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The evolution of Invisible-In-Canal hearing aids

Two years ago, the Cleveland Indians’ bullpen was unhittable, Hillary Clinton was projected as unbeatable and discrete Invisible-In-Canal (IIC) hearing aids weren’t very powerful. How dramatically things can change. “Today, it’s a brand-new ballgame,” declares Robert Pavlik, a board certified hearing instrument specialist,...

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Southpark Square Senior Apartments by Clover Communities

Andreas and Erika M. never thought they would be happy living in an apartment—until they moved into Southpark Square Senior Apartments, in Strongsville. “We wouldn’t change this for anything,” says Erika, who returned to Northeast Ohio with her husband and moved into Southpark Square last September. “The location is...

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Lamphear’s can convert your backyard into a private area that feels like a vacation escape

The bad thing about a vacation is that it has to end. Unless the vacation is in your backyard. “Turning your yard into a private, relaxing getaway gives you something to look forward to every day,” insists Kory Lamphear, owner of Lamphear’s. Lamphear’s made its name and reputation by creating meticulously manicured lawns and expert...

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Make your garage the life of the party

So, you’ve gone all out to dazzle your friends and family at your kid’s graduation party. You’ve got chateaubriand sizzling on your new stainless steel, eight-burner grill. The Cake Boss has just delivered a custom dessert, and you hired Cyndi Lauper to entertain...she needed the work. But all anybody can talk about is your brand new...

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The revolutionary new technology at Willo Wash promises a clean like no other

If you feel a special sense of squeaky clean satisfaction as your vehicle peeps out from the spectacularly lit tunnel at Willo Wash, one reason may be the revolutionary new cleaning system that the family owned car wash has introduced to the area. That new brush technology, developed by the company that basically invented soft cloth car...

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