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Optimum performance

Few baseball experts would disagree: Without the guidance of manager Terry Francona, the injury-riddled Cleveland Indians probably wouldn’t have gotten into last year’s World Series. It took arguably the game’s best manager to optimize the tools at his disposal to come within a single run of taking the championship against the team with...

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Waterproofing at its best

Many old homes have destructive water and cracking on their basement walls.Unfortunately, as Connie Lahr discovered, so do some new homes. Connie, a schoolteacher, bought her two-year-old Medina home in 2013. Within a year she noticed water in her basement. “I saw a line of water on the wall,” she recalls. “I had recently had a patio...

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If you’re not under paying for top-quality cabinets, maybe you should be

You’ll spend anywhere from a third to half as much on solid wood kitchen cabinets at Northeast Factory Direct in Cleveland than you would at any area cabinet retailer. Your NEFD cabinets will have all of the premium features people look for when shopping for cabinets, as recommended by the Consumer Reports. So, what’s the...

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Upgrade your kitchen––for less!

You don’t have to hug Alex Nemet after he quotes a price on your new kitchen, but you may want to.  “Twice last week I got hugs after I gave people their quotes,” smiles the owner of Northeast Factory Direct. “I guess I made them pretty happy.”  Who wouldn’t be happy with 60- to 70-percent carved out of the big box store price...

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Your garage is "party central"

Your garage, observes Mike Padden, owner of Encore Garage of Ohio, very well may be the largest room in your home. Transforming your garage into a spacious, relaxing spot can be more affordable than you may think. “That’s one reason why garages are increasingly being used as social areas and the primary entryway into many homes,” Mike...

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