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Here’s how Exactly can help you to sell your home for the most money

When looking for a home, it’s typically all about location, location, location. When selling your home, however, it’s all about the numbers. Maximizing the profit is the goal of most sellers. Exactly real estate company has a business model that does exactly that. This innovative brokerage was founded on the principle of flat-rate...

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Here’s how the Alesci family continues to evolve with the times

For more than half a century, the Alesci name has been synonymous in Northeast Ohio with authentic Italian food. The family’s roots trace back to the 1940s, and stores spread throughout the region. Jim Alesci’s Place, run by the third and fourth generations of Alescis, is building upon this quality brand and evolving with the...

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Luxurious and curly or sleek and straight, Cory’s can take you hair wherever you want it to go

Go ahead flaunt your curls, or, if you’d rather tame them, go for it. At Cory’s Hair Studio & Day Spa, the stylists are well versed in techniques to embrace natural curls or to straighten hair. “For those with naturally curly hair, we do the DevaCut, which is a specialized haircutting technique that will enhance curls,” says...

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Find out how ENT specialist Dr. Michael Yerukhim utilizes minimally invasive procedures to make look and breathe better

As both a facial plastic surgeon and ENT specialist, Dr. Michael Yerukhim has mastered both the form and function of the nose—helping patients look and breathe their best. “We start by treating patients with the least invasive intervention first, so I can perform most procedures in a comfortable office setting,” says Dr. Yerukhim,...

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Not every home crushes the numbers, and here’s why some go back on the market or sell for less

In this hot real estate market, it is especially important to get it right the first time. “You don’t want to have a sale fall through and have to put your house back on market because it will lose its luster,” says Kevin Wasie, owner of Exactly real estate company. “When your house loses its freshness on the market, it will attract...

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