Whether you want your gutters cleaned or covered, The Gutter Boys can keep you off the ladder... and your hands out of the muck

Gutter Cleaning Maple
Spring debris like flying maple seeds and falling oak catkins can clog gutters and create damaging overflows. The full-service team at The Gutter Boys cleans gutters, covers them, and/or repairs and installs them.

By Mitch Allen

When people think of gutter cleaning, they often think of fall leaves. But spring debris has an equal capacity to clog gutters, including flower pods, spent blossoms, maple seeds (some call them helicopters, spinners or whirligigs), and catkins—those golden, pollen-filled strings that fall from oak trees.

Gutter cleaning is dirty and dangerous work, best left to professionals trained and experienced in ladder safety. And now you don’t even have to think about calling one. That’s because The Gutter Boys’ gutter cleaning subscription program is a set-it-and-forget service.

The Gutter Boys founder Anthony Alberino.

“Customers are loving it,” says company founder Anthony Alberino. “Thousands of homeowners have already signed up. We come out and clean your gutters whenever they need it. Depending on the number of trees around you, that may be two, three or even four times a year. You maintain clean, free-flowing gutters and never have to think about it.”

The Gutter Boys is a full-service company, meaning whatever service you need, they do it—gutter cleaning, gutter guards, gutter repair, and gutter installation. “Some people want gutter guards and some people don’t,” Anthony explains. “We don’t like to say no to anybody, so we do it all.”

A gutter overflow can cause much more damage than stained siding and mulch washed into your driveway. It can also lead to damp or flooded basements and damage to your home’s foundation.

Gutter Guards

If you’re a “guard person” and want to avoid the hassle of cleaning your gutters, simply choose to have them covered. The company’s stainless steel micro-mesh guard is an ideal choice. The micro-mesh also features a raised S-curve that promotes the self-shedding of debris. It’s no surprise the company installs 100 miles of gutter guards each year.

The Gutter Boys’ micro-mesh guard allows for the self-shedding of debris.

Exterior Window Cleaning, Too

Many customers opt to have their exterior windows cleaned when they have their gutters cleaned. “We clean windows with no ladder and no squeegee,” Anthony says. “It’s called water-fed pole window cleaning. We use a three-stage water purification system to eliminate all particles in the water that could leave spots or residue. The result is crystal-clear water for a spot-free clean.”

The Gutter Boys is headquartered at 1090 West Bagley Road, in Berea. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are bonded and insured. Call 440-454-7040 to schedule a free on-site consultation and estimate or visit TheGutterBoys.com for more information. They also offer 18 months same-as-cash financing.