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When temps start to rise, having an HVAC system that’s cooling properly is a must

Just like most technology nowadays, air conditioners are getting smarter. New inverter air conditioners adjust compressor speed based on real-time cooling needs, resulting in more precise temperature control and energy savings. Smart thermostats link to your smartphone, tablet or computer, so you can control your settings from anywhere...

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New flavors to love at Nothing Bundt Cakes

Known for its delicious cake flavors, with perennial favorites such as chocolate chocolate chip, lemon, red velvet, and white chocolate raspberry, Nothing Bundt Cakes has added pop-up flavors to offer more sweet options. “Nothing Bundt Cakes has been around for more than 25 years and only has changed flavors a handful of times. This year we...

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Indulge in culinary excellence at Cru Uncorked—a French-inspired gastronomic journey

Since 2017, Cru Uncorked has transported diners back to the understated elegance of a French chateau. The same sense of authenticity—curated artwork and period antiques—has made its way to the gracious outdoor patios, greenhouses, ornamental gardens and garden pavilions. “We’ve just been informed that we were selected as one...

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Wellness for men at Cory’s Hair Studio & Day Spa

In celebration of Father’s Day, we asked Cory’s Hair Studio & Day Spa owner Corinne Calabro which spa services men request the most. “Our male clientele keeps growing every year, as men like to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, too,” Corinne says. “Nowadays men are taking better care of themselves, whether getting a facial for skin...

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En Garde Deer Defense can help stop the deer destruction of your hydrangeas and roses and day-lilies and hostas and geraniums and more

A co-worker of mine recently invested in a beautiful rose at a local garden center. It reminded her of the roses her grandmother used to tend. “I don’t normally spend this kind of money on a plant,” she said. “It really spoke to me. It was beautiful.” She planted the rose with great care, digging the hole extra wide and enhancing the...

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